Litigation and Family law

The Partners of Musyimi and Company Advocates are and have been involved in varying child law interventions over the years. Their involvement has poised the firm as one of the best known Family Law Practices in Kenya. Our clients are attracted to our high standards, expertise, efficient delivery and integrity.

Local and International Adoptions: The firm has been involved in local and international adoptions since 1996 and has successfully completed hundreds of cases of this nature. Further, the Firm has been at the forefront of child law policy formulation to ensure the protection of and the best interests of children. The Firm has worked hand in hand with State agencies to achieve this.

Divorce, Custody and Matrimonial Property: The firm is a leader in providing solutions for family disputes and in undertaking High court and court of Appeal matters in this area of law. We have been involved in landmark cases especially in adoptions, guardianships, custody, maintenance and other family law application

Probate and Estate Administration: The firm has successfully taken on matters ranging from highly complex and contentious Estate management matters to general probate and administration, including the preparation of Wills and conducting in-house training on succession matters.

Immigration and Private International Law: The firms practice in this area continues to expand and as a result we have gathered considerable experience in advising clients on private International Law issues where there exists a conflict of laws or a possibility of the same. As a result, we have as one of our achievements, earned the trust of various strategic Foreign Missions.

Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR ): In line with the global trend, the firm is committed to ADR with a specific focus on mediation. We strive to facilitate expeditious resolution of disputes while maintaining and mending the relationships involved.

Recoveries, security realization: One of the firm's most vibrant areas has been in the area of debt recoveries and security realization for our corporate clients especially banks, microfinance institutions and companies in the oil, telecommunications and aviation industry. This area of litigation has become one of our areas of success mainly due to the experience garnered over the years. The firm continues to maintain strong presence in the high court, the court of appeal and various tribunals. We endeavor to continue adopting a determined, creative and strategic approach towards our client's litigation matters in all our areas of specialization and expertise.

Real Estate Law/Conveyancing

General Conveyancing: The firm has a solid track record in conveyance practices. It boasts an aggregate of over 20 years of extensive experience in creating and advising on securities, including mortgages, charges, debentures, loan agreements for banks, microfinance Institutions and lending companies, transfer of property and real estate rights' transactions, long term leases for developments and sectional property transactions among others.

Property Development Advisory: Acquisition, sales, loan, securities and property finance. In this regard, the firm has handled a wide range of property related transactions including advising and structuring of transactions and securing the various interests involved.

New areas: We have been actively involved in the area of Real Estate Investment Trusts and already have REIT clientele for whom we have acted and continue to act in an advisory capacity.

Corporate and Commercial Law

Musyimi and Company Advocates has been providing the full range of Corporate and Commercial laws services and solutions for our corporate and business clients both local and foreign.

Formation and restructuring corporate entities: We are involved in the formation and restructuring of various legal entities including but not limited to limited liability companies, partnerships, charitable organizations, non - governmental organizations trusts, partnerships ,mergers and acquisitions.

Commercial Agreements: We have been involved in the preparation of a wide range of custom made commercial and business agreements , advising on structuring of local and international companies, both for profit and non-profit. We also form and register trusts and foundations.

Due Diligences/legal audit: We undertake due diligence for companies, investigating their legal structures and give opinions on operational aspects of their organizations and their governance and ownership structures (including board, shareholding and capital structures).

Company Secretarial Support Services: The firm also offers company secretarial support services for corporate clients including facilitating and attending company meetings (board and shareholder) and ensuring that companies are compliant with statutory requirements.

Labor and employment law: The firm has over the years developed significant experience in advising clients on employment, labor and human resource management issues, representing them in negotiations and litigations where necessary. The firm also provides continuous in-house training on these areas where contracted. Media, Intellectual Property and telecommunications law: The firm has a given advice and acted on matters relating to acquisition of equity in telecommunications companies, mergers of mobile phone networks, corporate organization of a mobile value added service providers as well as prepared operational documents for a mobile company. In addition to the foregoing, we handle registration of intellectual property (Copyright and Trade Marks) for individual and corporate client.


The firm has taken out a Professional Indemnity Policy with Heritage Insurance worth 120 million.


The firm is fully computerized and this has greatly contributed to increasing our efficiency and responsiveness to our clients' needs. We endeavor to be on the cutting edge of technology for good service delivery to our clients.


The firm has had the benefit of handling legal matters in other major towns beyond Nairobi. In doing this, we have partnered and networked with credible law firms in major towns, to assist on case basis with the selective 'out of town' briefs that we take up. Further, we have now expanded our scope beyond the Republic of Kenya with our associations extending to Rwanda and Uganda.


  1. The firm's legal aid section is our service to society. We give legal advice and take legal actions on a selective basis, at no fee. Preeminent amongst our clients in this section are widows for whom we handle probate matters and children in conflict with the law.
  2. In addition to assisting clients on a one on one basis members of our team have been privileged to provide civic education to communities in their settings and also via radio and other media.

Child Protection, Adoptions and Family Law

Corporate And Commercial Practice

Conveyancing and Real Estate.